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Joan Baez performs "We Shall Overcome" at the March on Washington.

Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge

Lift Every Voice begins with emphasizing the core democratic values, skills, and knowledge that young people need to lift their voices and to create a more compassionate, just, and free country and world.

1. Lift Every Voice: Three Parts

Lift Every Voice is organized into three parts: (1) Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge; (2) Critical Language and Literacy Skills; and (3) Social and Ecological Problems. Below we will give a brief introduction to Part 1: Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge.

2. Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge: Five Components

The first part, Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge, is in turn organized into five components: (1) Democratic Values; (2) Social and Emotional Skills; (3) Democratic Skills and Practices; (4) Social and Ecological Awareness; and (5) Democratic Knowledge.

3. An Overview of Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge

Below you can scroll down this Sway presentation of Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge. The scroll bar is on the top right. You can also expand the screen and share, download, or embed this as well.

4. Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge Resources

Lift Every Voice begins with a primary emphasis on the importance of eight democratic values.

Supporting the pursuit of these democratic values are social and emotional skills, democratic skills and practices, social and ecological awareness, and democratic knowledge.

1. Democratic Values: Guide and Unite Our Country

2. Social and Emotional Skills: Stand in Other People's Shoes and Solve
Problems Nonviolently

3. Democratic Skills and Practices: Advocate, Discuss, and Debate

4. Social and Ecological Awareness: Pursue Social Justice and Ecological Balance

5. Democratic Knowledge: Understand Our Democratic Rights and to Protect Them

5. Democratic Values, Skills, and Knowledge Minicourses

Click on the button below to learn more about how to explore these democratic competencies in greater depth. It will open up to a new page. You can select different groups of courses by clicking on "Select category."

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