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Alicia Keys sings "Good Good Job" to acknowledge our frontline workers in this pandemic.

Social and Ecological Problems

Lift Every Voice seeks in Part 3: Social and Ecological Problems to help young people explore in-depth some of the most important social and ecological problems in our country and world. 

1. Lift Every Voice: Part 3: Social and Ecological Problems

In Social and Ecological Problems, young people can use the academic and democratic competencies in parts 1 and 2 to analyze social and ecological problems and then to advocate for solutions to those problems.

2. Social and Ecological Problems

The third part, Social and Ecological Problems, includes four topics: (1) Stop the Pandemic; (2) Stop Gun Violence; (3) Stop Police Violence; and (4) Stop Global Warming. The first two problems, Stop the Pandemic and Stop Gun Violence, are available now.  Our plan is to add Stop Police Violence and Stop Global Warming by this fall.

3. An Overview of Social and Ecological Problems

Scroll through the Sway below for an overview of the four social and ecological problems we are focusing on in Lift Every Voice.

4. Social and Ecological Problems Resources

1. Stop the Pandemic

2. Stop Gun Violence

3. Stop Police Violence (Fall 2021)

4. Stop Global Warming (Winter 2021)

5. Social and Ecological Problems Minicourses

Click on the button below to learn more about these social and ecological problems in greater depth. On the next page, you can select different groups of minicourses courses by clicking on "Select category"

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