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Online casinos: interesting facts from history and statistics


Online casinos are of interest to many gambling fans – players visit thematic sites for entertainment. And if you learn the history of the industry a little bit better, gambling leisure will surely play new colors for you. Popular play ojo casino has prepared for you a little excursion into the history of slot machines and the first casinos.

The first online casino was created in 1997 by specialists from the famous concern Microgaming, games which are abundantly represented on the site play ojo today. Since the Internet at that time was almost in its infancy, the pioneers of the emerging digital industry had very few customers. As a result, the first virtual gambling establishment could not boast of high profitability. Only after five years on the gambling market came the new names, and online clubs like Play ojo began to appear on the World Wide Web.

Play ojo casino is the best club

Playing on a lot of line machines is much harder than on a little line, because you need to know and be able to use a large set of additional functions with which you can make money. If, however, you just do not use the whole set of buttons and just play the machine and do not use additional functions, just hope for your luck, it is unlikely that such a game you can not just return the amount of your bet, but also come out in the black. Also, keep in mind that a lot of line machines also imply the presence of their own additional personal online slots deposit now for 50 free spins playojo bonuses, which also help the player to earn more and get more privileges. That's why if you're just beginning to get acquainted with the slot machines offered by many online casinos, namely play ojo casino, you should start with a few line machines directly.

Slot machines online

On them you can get playing practice and understand the principle on which the machine works, what are the winning combinations and whether they are all the same, the amounts you can get if you fall out the main winning combination, what the amounts give the secondary winning combinations, and much more. After all, the slot machine gives not only the main winning combinations, they are also called complete combinations, because they have a certain number of the same symbols. For example, there are such as sevens or cherries, and each slot machine has a number of secondary combinations, they are also called non-full combinations, because they have among all the same one is not similar. These combinations also bring the player money, but in a smaller number, the full winning combinations.

Start playing playojo

If you have already started to play ojo casino, you should pay attention to the fact that the site is in general access is such a convenient and free service, the free version of the casino. With its help you can gain gaming practice on any game or any slot machine, as well as learn to play any new machine, no matter how many lines it has. And all this can be done completely free of charge. After all, to play the free version you use no personal funds, but the virtual deposit, which gives the casino. And for each player, this amount is equal and you'll be able to get it every time you go to this version and start playing. But if you run out of money, you can't take more at once, according to the rules of play ojo casino , you can go to the free version and get money again and start playing but only after a certain amount of time.


The most gambling country with the most attendance at online casinos is the United Kingdom. Every day on the sites of online gaming resources

looks up to three thousand Englishmen. Their favorite games are usually considered to be poker and bingo. However, it is still the lottery that remains the most popular online casino gambling. Statistics report that 55% of the world's residents periodically spend their money to buy lottery tickets.

How to win with online casinos

Also referring to the statistics, you can find out with interest: the number of fans of playing at home, at online casinos like Play ojo, is an incredible figure – 90%. Only the remaining 10% of the population prefer to visit real gambling clubs. At the same time from 90% of players as much as 78% are not professionals, playing mainly for fun. It turns out that 65% of all players train their logic and mind with this kind of games.

If we look at the age of the most avid online gamblers, we will find that they are in their thirties. Younger people visit online casinos much less frequently. Newcomers to betting and lovers of free gambling spend three to five hours a day at the slot machines.

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