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4. Stop the Pandemic Proposals

In this final component, we have developed four sets of proposals for how to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

First, we have a set of personal proposals that you can consider for implementing in your own life.

Second, we have a set of local and state proposals that you can advocate to your local and state elected officials.

Third, we have a set of national proposals that you can advocate to your US Senators and Representatives and to President Biden.

Fourth, and finally, we a set of global proposals that you can advocate to your elected officials and to the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

Please lift your voice and advocate these proposals at any level of government in our country

1. Personal Proposals:


1. Wear Masks, Encourage Others to Do So as Well

2. Practice Social Distancing, Encourage Others to Do Likewise

3. Wash Hands, Clean, Disinfect

4. Get Tested If You Have Symptoms

5. Get Vaccinated As Soon As Possible

6. Promote Healthy Behavior Everywhere, Reach Out to Those Who Are Vaccine Hesitant


Address the Counter Argument: Individual Rights 


 2. Local and State Proposals:


1. Universal (Mass) Testing

2. Mandatory Wearing of Masks

3. Mandatory Social Distancing

4. Stay-At-Home Orders for Cities and States Which Have a Positivity Rate Above 5%

5. Mandatory Vaccinations


Address the Counter Argument: State's Rights 


3. National Proposals: The American Rescue Plan:


1. Beefed-up stimulus payments: $1400 per person to eligible recipients

2. Enhanced unemployment aid: $400 per week till September

3. Rental assistance and eviction moratorium: Till September

4. Help for the hungry: 15% increase in food stamp benefits

5. More money for childcare child tax benefits

6. Temporary increase in tax credit

7. Subsidies for health insurance premiums

8. Restoration of emergency paid leave

9. More assistance for small businesses

10. Aid for states and schools

11. Increased support for vaccines and testing

12. A $15 hourly minimum wage

13. Equitable access to testing, vaccinations, and economic support for at-risk populations


Address the Counter Argument: Restricted Federal Government 


4. Global Proposals:


1. Support the World Health Organization's "COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness Plan"

2. Support the European Union Proposed "Pandemic Preparedness Treaty"

3. Provide More Global Surveillance, Genetic Sequencing

4. Develop More Vaccines, Faster

5. Provide More Primary Health Care


Address the Counter Argument: Unilateral Foreign Policy

Coronavirus Legislation Prior to President Biden's Election

1. Personal Proposals

2. Local and State Proposals

3. National Proposals

4. Global Proposals

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